“I wanted you to fight for me,”

You say to me softly,
Before turning and walking out of my life.

But you don’t see, my love,
Doesn’t it seem strange to fight,
For someone to love you?

We romanticize the idea,
Of fighting for our love,
But we’ve got it all wrong.

I would fight someone else,
Some other cirucumstance,
For our right to love.

But I wouldn’t want to fight for you to love me.

After all,
If you have to convince someone to love you,
Then it’s not really love, is it?

I’d never make you fight for my love,
It’s always yours, I wouldn’t take that from you.

But then,
I guess what you felt for me wasn’t love,
Otherwise you wouldn’t have taken it from me.

So the moral of the story is:
I loved you more than you loved me,
I loved you too hard,
And you loved me, not at all.


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